Action Figure - Marvel - Civil War - Egg Attack  Ant-Man 16cm AF

Action Figure - Marvel - Civil War - Egg Attack Ant-Man 16cm AF

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Continuing in the line of EAA's highly movable, chibi action figures, Beast Kingdom is poised to present Ant-Man from the blockbuster Captain America: Civil War. 

The action figure is designed with highly movable joints, so that you may make the figure take a wide variety of positions. It also features a switchable hand, allowing the player to re-experience the thrill of Ant-Man changing sizes. The helmet's metallic color, and texture, as well as the detailed costume, come straight from the movie. The mask piece uses transparent materials, so as to accurately capture the character's expressions.

Ant-Man comes with mini Ant-Man, who is only 3.5 cm tall, but his running pose can interact with other figurines of the same series, so you can imagine this size-changing hero literally running all over the rest of the Avengers. For the first time ever, Beast Kingdom's Egg Attack Action series introduces the smallest super hero of all. Now available for pre-order, if you love this miniat
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