Marilyn Monroe Superb Scale Hybrid Statue 1/4  46cm (Paga in 10 Rate Mensili)

Marilyn Monroe Superb Scale Hybrid Statue 1/4 46cm (Paga in 10 Rate Mensili)

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    Marilyn Monroe Superb Scale Hybrid Statue 1/4 Marilyn Monroe 46 cm

    Statue Marilyn Monroe

    Marilyn Monroe, a blonde goddess that represented an entire century, the dream girl of every man.
    A woman who was trying to hold down her flying white dress while enjoying the wind with the brightest expression.

    The single monochrome photography that mesmerized everyone around the world also attracted all the designers & artists of Blitzway.
    Although it was a vintage photograph without colors, we were able to feel the vivid scene that cannot be compared to anything else from the bright, goddess-like smile of Marilyn.

    While her gentle smile, reacting to the breeze from the vent, is very beautiful in itself, the flow of her skirt fluttering in the wind brings her beauty and attractiveness to the highest level.
    To perfectly capture and recreate this wonderful moment, the artists of Blitzway have taken great pains over this work examining her photos and videos.

    Produced by the delicate touch of our sculptors, Marilyn's beautiful, long legs stretch out to the side, creating a wonderful harmony with the curvy lines of her slightly crouched upper body, and these make the viewers to feel as if they are experiencing the same moment with the blonde goddess.
    To realistically recreate the graceful flow of her skirt fluttering in the wind, we attempted countless methods, and after going through many trials and errors, we were finally able to find the perfect answer.

    The elegant circular base, which resembles the shape of a vent, gives her a more luxurious ambiance; while the newly developed electric turntable base helps the viewers fully appreciate the fantastic curvy silhouette of her skirt blowing in the wind.

    Now, with this masterpiece, born from the fingertips of the experts of Blitzway, we hope you will be able to enjoy the true beauty of Marilyn Monroe.

    Product specifications:

    - Highly detailed likeness of Marilyn Monroe portrait and body
    - The perfectly tailored and designed Marilyn Monroe's white dress
    - The dynamic posture and realistic natural painting
    - Precise and highly detailed symbolic accessories
    - The newly designed turntable diorama base
    - Head : PVC
    - Body : Polystone
    - Shoes & Accessories : PVC, Polystone
    - Diorama Base : Polystone, ABS, Metal
    - Costume : Fabric, Wire, PET
    - Package : Color EPP + Color Box


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